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RE: [CQ-Contest] Response to K5ZD's Comments

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Subject: RE: [CQ-Contest] Response to K5ZD's Comments
From: <jukka.klemola@nokia.com>
Date: Mon, 15 Mar 2004 15:24:42 +0200
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There are less challenging contests for the already-grown kids.
Participate those .. The YO DX contest or UBA or RSGB or SAC..
Go for it, guys !
Contests are !

The still-growing kids can have their fun time in the
ARRL DX and CQWW kindergartens.

Jukka OH6LI

> I would suggest we NOT change the current rules because one 
> of the most 
> challenging aspects about these contests as the presently 
> exist is one's ability to 
> HANG IN THERE and gut it out for as close to 48 hours as one 
> can manage.
> The TIME IN THE CHAIR element in a DX contest is its one 
> IRON-MAN element and 
> without it, would have a totally different and somewhat 
> diminished contest in 
> my opinion.
> Sure, I am now 57 and finding even 46 hours in the chair 
> tough to manage 
> these days, but I would not like to see that element removed 
> from the contests 
> just so I do not have to work so hard to stay awake and compete.
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