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[CQ-Contest] Further on CQWW dates

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Subject: [CQ-Contest] Further on CQWW dates
From: "Rich Gelber" <k2wr@njdxa.org>
Date: Mon, 15 Mar 2004 13:24:58 -0500
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Since, as has been said, CQWW falls on the last complete weekends of October
and November, the following calendar facts follow:

The permissible dates for the beginning (i.e. the Saturday) of CQWW SSB are
October 24 through October 30.

The last full weekend of October always contains the last Sunday in October.
Therefore, the USA changeover from daylight time back to standard time
always takes place during CQWW SSB.

Election Day in the United States is defined as taking place on the first
Tuesday following the first Monday in November.  Therefore the possible
dates are November 2 through November 8.  The only time Election Day
immediately follows CQWW SSB (i.e. 2 days later) are the years in which the
contest begins on October 30 (such as this year).  In all other cases
Election Day is 9 days after the end of CQWW SSB.

The permissible dates for the beginning of CQWW CW are November 23 through
November 29.

When CQWW SSB begins on October 26,27,28,29, or 30, CQWW CW is 4 weeks later
(on November 23,24,25,26, or 27, correspondingly).   When CQWW SSB begins on
October 24 or 25, CQWW CW is 5 weeks later (on November 28 or 29).  These
are the only possibilities.

Thanksgiving Day in the U.S. falls, by definition, on the fourth Thursday in
November.  Therefore, CQWW CW does not fall on Thanksgiving weekend when the
contest begins on November 23.   In all other cases it does fall on
Thanksgiving weekend.

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