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RE: [CQ-Contest] Response to K5ZD's Comments

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Subject: RE: [CQ-Contest] Response to K5ZD's Comments
From: "Dick Green WC1M" <wc1m@msn.com>
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Date: Mon, 15 Mar 2004 17:53:30 -0500
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I like the concept of adding a 24-hour category without diluting any of the
existing categories, but it would be too confusing and difficult for the
sponsors if every combination is allowed: e.g., 24-hour unassisted, 24-hour
assisted, 24-hour high-power, 24-hour low-power, etc. This would also reduce
the number of competitors in each category. Easier to get plaques and
wallpaper, but less challenging. 

Unfortunately, I suspect we would have considerable disagreement over which
combination(s) to allow. As far as packet vs no-packet, of course I'd prefer
the 24-hour category to be no-packet. But it might be interesting to make it
unlimited to see if unassisted ops can beat assisted ops if they get more
sleep and pick better hours to pounce on exotic mults! Obviously, the same
potential doesn't exist in low-power vs high power.

Frankly, while I'd like to see this kind of variation, I think ARRL DX needs
more than a new category to make it interesting. The only thing that
attracts me to this contest is that it's a "major", runs 48 hours, our club
pushes us hard to get on, and it's nice to be a somewhat desirable mult for
DX stations. Oh yeah, and the plaque is far and away the nicest in
contesting. But I'd have to say it's the least fun of the all the contests
in which I participate throughout the year. CQ WW is the king. There's
nothing like fall propagation, double mults, loads of DXpeditions, etc. In
spite of the challenge of summertime propagation, the WPX and IARU formats
require enough strategy to make them really interesting and the 36 or 24
hour length allows you to be competitive while getting a reasonable amount
of sleep. ARRL DX is, well, something of a grind. I'm mildly interested to
see 5W signals coming in at 40dB over 9, but after the first few dozen the
intrigue wears off. When participation is down, as it was in ARRL SSB this
year, it's a real grind.

73, Dick WC1M
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