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Subject: [CQ-Contest] Re: Response to K5ZD's comments
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Date: Tue, 16 Mar 2004 06:06:17 -0500 (GMT-05:00)
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I must admit I find some of the comments on this interesting.  Before 
commenting on some of the responses, I will state that I like the 48 hour time. 
 Its a contest, lets not water it down.  However, if people want to try the 
contest within a contest idea, I see no harm in creating a CQ CONTEST contest 
within a contest  on 3830 or whatever and go for it.

1) The people that say "well I only get on for 10 hours but if there were a 24 
hour category I'd get on for 24" are really kidding themselves.  Why aren't you 
on for close to 24 now?  Do really think that the excuses for why you aren't 
contesting are going to go away?  If you only get on for 8 or 10 hours for a 
major, regularly, then you aren't a competitive contester and making up a 24 
hour category isn't going to make you one.

2) Myself, I am 42.  Why do a lot of the old timers want to bring contesting 
down to them?  To me, you are missing one of the greatest aspects of 
contesting, gentlemen.  The ability to have a running shot at beating me when 
you are 65 is what SHOULD MOTIVATE YOU.  What else can you look at 
competitively where you can wake up and say "I beat most people yonger than 
me".  I'll beat you in a 5K, I'll beat you climbing a tower, I'll beat you 
playing basketball.  But you just might still beat me in an all out contest.  
If that doesn't help keep you thinking young......

3) The final point.  There are great reasons for 24 or 36 hour contests.  And 
you know what, THERE ARE 24 HOUR CONTESTS and 36 HOUR CONTESTS.  Join in on 
them and compete.  You don't have to change the 4 majors CQ/ARRL CW/SSB to do 
that.  There are at least 20 other good contests and most of them are not 48 
straight!  Have fun and enjoy.


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