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Subject: [CQ-Contest] 24/48 or whatever
From: "Jamie Dupree" <2004@jdupree.com>
Date: Tue, 16 Mar 2004 12:50:12 -0500
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This is a good thread, showing the wide variety of views within
the contesting community on time/contest committments...

In sum, this is all about motivation.  Making the best score
while working around scheduling hurdles on any 
given contest weekend.  We all have them - whether it is
sleep, family or work.  But let's be frank, you must
WANT IT.  You must WANT to improve.

At NS3T, I have no chance to win a 48 hour DX contest.

I have no chance to win any 24 hour contest within a 
48 hour DX contest.

I don't have any beams.  I have a vertical, some dipoles and
two inverted vees in my suburban backyard.

But I still get on and work as hard as I can, trying to beat
my best score in Contest XX, beat as many people
as possible on the 3830 postings and work some new DX.

What have I found?

I beat some guys with beams because I'm more motivated.

I beat others because I find more mults while they are CQ'ing.

I beat a few more because I spent two weeks on my hands and
knees burying radials for my vertical, mainly for 160.   

I beat others because I drank four huge glasses of water before
I went to bed in the ARRL SSB, all to force myself to get up two hours
later in the middle of the night to find mults on the low bands.

I beat others because I set up Writelog voice files so I could
go late at night on SSB and not disturb the XYL.

I beat others because I've made more of an effort to go SO2R
and figure out how best to improve my S&P rates.

I beat a couple more because I pore over stats and greylines
and past contest information to figure out when my 100 watt signal
has the best chance for a few mults from this zone or that continent.

I have an entire legal pad of scribblings from the past month right
now, filled with all kinds of ideas about antennas and contest
strategy for the big contests.  Even though I CANNOT WIN,
I still try to think how can I get an edge on someone else.

Each year I check the various contest records - is there one
I could beat?   The answer is YES!   I now have the 3-land
record in CQ WW CW for 40 meter single band, low power.
Anyone with a beam could CRUSH my score.  But it's
my record.  I did it with two inverted vees.

It's my version of the Secrets of Contesting - self-motivation...
I always try to mentally prepare myself by thinking this way:

You may have better radios and better antennas, but I can
still beat you by working harder than you, both before and
during the contest - no matter how many hours you want to make it.

And all the while, I'm having FUN!!!

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