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Subject: [CQ-Contest] What is a contest?
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Date: Thu, 18 Mar 2004 22:23:09 EST
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I use the analogy of Tampa Stadium filled up on Friday night with 70,000 
people from all over the world who are going to be there for 48 hours.

I explain that they will all participate in this "contest" where they have to 
get a person's name and his state or country he is from.  They must copy and 
record this on a computer or a PDA.  Their final score will be the amount of 
people they get exchanges from multiplied by the amount of states and countries 
they copy down.

I then ask them to tell me what they think would be an asset in this contest. 
 Answers include tenacity, a booming, big voice, stamina, ability to 
recognize accents from different parts of the world etc.  I then tie in the 
similarities of the "Tampa Stadium Contest" with SS or CQWW.

I think they get a pretty good idea from this explanation.  They still may 
think it's kind of strange but at least they understand.

Bill K4XS
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