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[CQ-Contest] shortening contests and sprints

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Subject: [CQ-Contest] shortening contests and sprints
From: "David L. Thompson" <thompson@mindspring.com>
Date: Fri, 19 Mar 2004 15:38:26 -0500
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Guess I am old school but I would hate to see most contests (especially DX
Contests) turned into sprints.  Time management was a big factor with
contests years ago when you could only operate so many hours over two
weekends.  If you picked the wrong hour or hours your competition would blow
right past you.

I also feel that sitting in one place in Dx and specialty contests and
running is sort of like shooting fish in a barrel.  To me I like to combine
hunting down mults and running.  At least SO2R gives me this capability

What happened to the contester that tried to work all sections, DXCC in 100
QSos, or WAZ in the least possible contacts.  How about the hams who tried
to maximize their score in 5 or 10 hours in the ARRL SS or Dx contest.  I
feel this is as much contesting as sitting at mega station and running the
entire contest.

Most contests have been around for a long while and many have changed hours
or have limited hours for Single ops (why would any single op try to run all
day on 160 if he or she did not have to).  Sure contests have warts but by
and large they run fine and don't need fixing.  I favor adding
a few contests if sprints are so popular or maybe open limited locale
sprints to everyone.

I for one would be happy to see all the results back in QST.  Guess asking
for a listing of section winners with the gear they used would too
much...but it sure makes good reading!

73 Dave K4JRB   Ex K5MDX VP2MDX

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