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[CQ-Contest] Contest Time Revision & East Coast Advantage Threads

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Subject: [CQ-Contest] Contest Time Revision & East Coast Advantage Threads
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Date: Mon, 22 Mar 2004 19:22:41 -0800
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Hi All,

Having read all the posts on both the proposed changes to
the length of DX contests and those regarding the
"advantages" of East coast contesters in DX contests I had
to chuckle when I was re-reading the "Contest Tips, Tricks &
Techniques" column in the 1997 July/August issue NCJ last
night. Gary, W9XT's subject that month was sub-titled "A
look back and a look forward" and dealt with changes in the
past 10 years and predictions for the next 10 years. Seems
that many of the 1997 10 year forward predictions were right
on the mark. Reproduced here in part...

Regarding the Contest thread:

"Demographic changes show the average age of the contester
will continue to increase, at least in Europe and North
America. Going by KlEA's latest survey, G3XTT points out the
average age of contesters in these areas will be 54 10 years
from now. Don thinks that this will tend to put pressure
toward shorter contests by an older generation not able or
willing to stick it out for 36 or 48 hours."
"K8MR also sees that the combination of smaller stations and
older contesters will result in fewer serious competitors.
Many of today's serious contesters will be doing more part
time efforts. Jim sees more entry categories for them as a
way to keep them interested."

That has a familiar ring to it.

Regarding the "East coast advantage issue":

"Another version of the future seen by G3XTT is an explosion
of new hams from such areas as China, Brazil, and Indonesia.
NOAX takes this one step further and sees a time when the US
East Coast contesters complain about the unfair advantage
the West Coast has in working millions of Asian contesters.
The only certainty is that the Black Hole of the Midwest
will still be left in the dust." 

This one is not true yet (based on the current thread) but
probably within the next 10 years or so.

It's great to see these 1997 predictions playing out in one
way or another.


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