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From: "Ken Claerbout" <k4zw@hotmail.com>
Date: Tue, 30 Mar 2004 17:52:00 +0000
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?If everybody knows who is doing the cheating?

Do we really? I think we need to be a little careful with our assumptions. For example, consider ?cheerleading spots." In some instances so called cheerleaders may well be hiding behind the fake spots and it is not the actual station being spotted that is doing the dirty deed. They may very well know the person or group that is doing the spotting even though it could be happening without their knowledge.
Maybe a good course of action is a letter or e-mail to the station being falsely spotted advising them of the problem, reiterating the rules regarding spotting, and asking for their assistance in helping to put an end to the practice. Ask them to bring it up at their next club meeting for discussion or to put an article in their newsletter addressing the issue. At the very least they now know that spotting activity is being watched.
Why wait for a contest committee to take action? It?s like a lot of discussions that take place here. Plenty of hand wringing but in the end nothing is resolved or accomplished. If you feel strongly about the matter or have ties to a particular group showing up in these reports, take the first step.

73 Ken K4ZW

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