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[CQ-Contest] Running vs SP (Was Self Spotting)

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Subject: [CQ-Contest] Running vs SP (Was Self Spotting)
From: Cqtestk4xs@aol.com
Date: Wed, 31 Mar 2004 08:51:55 EST
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I'm not penalizing broadcast stations that sit on
one frequency making 100 Q's per hour; their 
year-to-year scoring would not be changed.

I'm suggesting that non-CQing stations should receive
2x points for those contacts, because S&P rates are
one half of the run rates.

That would bring parity in scores for those that can
run with those that can't, but still work just as hard.

As a "broadcast station who makes 100 QSOs" and hour I find your ideas not 
totally accurate.

My score would be changed

A good operator who is having a 200 plus hour is working just as hard as one 
who is S/Ping, but in a different way.  Not every station who calls in is 20 
over and in the clear.  We too are hearing lots of QRM/QRN and QSB.  However, 
we battling all those while trying to pull S2 signals out of the crud to 
continue the run. We are the ones who work just as hard to as the guys who are 
working QRP.  We have to copy the ESP signals that we receive.

While I am working that run on 20 at around 100 stations an hour, I am also 
trying to listen with my left ear on 15 or 10 to pick up additional stations, 
timing my breaks in CQing to pick up another station.  Did you ever try it?  I 
have been doing it for five years and it is still difficult.

CQing is score limiting if the operator is not a good one.  A good operator 
knows when to stop CQing and start S/Ping.  If he continues to call CQ and his 
rate drops below what the S/P rate would be, he is being penalized. Many times 
the "big guns" go S/Ping.  A good S/P station can easily do 100 stations an 
hour. If you are CQing on one radio, your S/P efforts are hindered, so that 
hurts you in the S/P. Sometimes it is necessary for the big stations to do 
nothing but S/P.

As to your thoughts about point differentials for the running stations versus 
the S/P stations.  Why should running stations be penalized for having 
operators with the skills and the hardware to run?  In the end, the 
would be impossible to score...a scorer's nightmare.

I suggest you check out the Sprints if you are not happy with the traditional 
contests.  It would be a way to test your skills against the "broadcast 
stations" who CQ a lot, but can't in those.  Another alternative is to sign up 
a team at a multi-multi or take a trip to the Caribbean and see how much work 
it really is to maintain a productive running frequency.

Bill K4XS  
    The world's top contesters battle it out in Finland!
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