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[CQ-Contest] Re: The good old U.S. holiday weekend contest debate

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Subject: [CQ-Contest] Re: The good old U.S. holiday weekend contest debate
From: "Scott R." <w4pa@yahoo.com>
Date: Wed, 31 Mar 2004 14:29:14 -0800 (PST)
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>>>>Hi Scott and everyone,
>>>>>I believe the rationale behind not changing the weekends, is that
those particular holidays are only holidays in the US. These are
world-wide contests with participants from all over. Why should the
contests be changed just because it's a holiday in the US? If we start
that, it's possible the new dates would fall on holidays in some other
major contest country and the argument for change would go on and on.
This could suppress activity on the new dates as well, with maybe more
US operators but fewer DX operators. I say leave well enough alone,
those who wish to participate will find a way, and those who cannot
will operate in other contests.
73 Darrell AB2E<<<<

C'mon Darrell, did you really read my original post?  I thought I was
being very clear.  We're talking about 4 of the 6 major contests each
year, not the Tennessee QSO Party.  The highlights:

 - - *the status quo works for me*
 - - *I CAN OPERATE IF I WANT TO* - all 48 (or 36 for WPX CW)
 - - Holiday weekends make the choice really hard or impossible for a
serious contester.  Casual contesters, forget it, sitting in front of a
radio isn't going to be the #1 priority for most.  
 - - Casual contesters are 90%+ of all contacts made in a contest
 - - I pointed out that the whole world is not the United States, but
the United States represents a proportionally large percentage of
contest activity
 - - I'd like to believe contesters outside the United States would be
interested in additional activity.  I think they are.
 - - propagation disadvantage EVERY YEAR for WPX CW and CQ WW SSB
 - - U.S. holiday weekends DEPRESS ACTIVITY in WPX CW and CQ WW CW,
period.  EVERY year, from serious and casual alike.
 - - How do EU contesters benefit from the yearly propagation
disadvantage and from less USA activity in DX contests?  

Repeat question:  What is the logical argument for not inverting the
contest weekends for WPX and CQ WW each year?  Why not?  

Scott W4PA

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