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Date: Thu, 8 Jul 2004 18:01:49 +0200
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This Competition is designed for the IARU HF Championship contesters (10-11 
July 2004).

1. WHQS is intended for awarding those who make the highest numbers of 
QSOs/HRDs with: 
* IARU Member Association stations (in the Contest, they sign the report and 
the abbreviation of the organisation
they represent, e.g. 599RAC, 59PZK, 599JARL, 599DARC). 
* NU1AW (e.g. 599IARU).
* Members of the IARU Administrative Council (e.g. 599AC). 
* Members of the Executive Committees of the three IARU Regions (e.g. 599R1).

WHQS participants may log QSOs/HRDs on various bands and in both modes, e.g. 
you may work NU1AW and every other HQ
station twelve times: (1) CW/160m, (2) SSB/160m, (3) CW/80m, (4) SSB/80m, (5) 
CW/40m, (6) SSB/40m, (7) CW/20m, (8) SSB/20m,
(9) CW/15m, (10) SSB/15m, (11) CW/10m, (12) SSB/10m.

2. Award Categories:
(A) Single Operator CW,
(B) Single Operator SSB,
(C) Single Operator MIX (CW/SSB),
(D) Multi-Operator Single Transmitter MIX,
(E) Single Operator SWL MIX.

3. Please send your applications with log extracts on or before 31 July 2004 to:
MK QTC, ul. Wielmozy 5b, 82-337 Suchacz-Zamek, Poland; eMail: qtc@post.pl

4. Competition Awards will be issued to the three top contesters in each 
Participation Awards will be issued to the remaining contesters. The Award is 
free of chage, but please
send 3 euro or 3 USD or 5 IRC's to cover the postage. Questions may be sent to: 

5. Competition results will be published in the September issue of the MK QTC 
and on its web site:
http://qtc.radio.org.pl/. You will also find there, in the Calendar of Events, 
a revised list of expected HQ stations.

Sylwester Jarkiewicz, SP2FAP
Editor & Publisher, MK QTC

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