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Subject: [CQ-Contest] K3FT (SK)
From: "Dallas and Lucy" <ludal@dmv.com>
Date: Thu, 14 Oct 2004 08:48:49 -0400
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I have been away for a few days or I would have posted this sooner.  I was
extremely saddened and shocked to hear of Chuck's passing.  Chuck was a
regular op here at W3PP and one of our main "run" ops.  He knew how to stay
in the chair.  He had also operated from my station in an ARRL 10m contest a
few years ago and scored very highly.  In addition, he had guested at W3LPL
and partnered with N3OC in recent contests.  Chuck was also a regular member
of Team WR3L in Sweepstakes.  Below is a portion of a note that I have
passed to the W3PP M/M crew:

It really saddens me to tell you all of the passing of one of our operators.
Chet, N6ZO and I had dinner with Chuck Friday and he came to the house to
watch the Presidential debate.  He spent the night at the station and we
arose early Saturday morning for our work detail.  He was in great spirit
until during the work detail he started feeling tired.  Ron, Chet and I were
trimming and clearing brush while Jon was on the tower removing a busted 40m
element.  Chuck cut brush for about 5 or 10 minutes when he tired.  After a
15 minute break he carried a few limbs to the burn pile.  He then went to
the shack to sit down.  He spent several hours in the bunk resting.  He had
forgotten to bring his heart medicine, and Chet first suggested that we go
to the drug store and get him a one time dose to tide him over.  He said he
was fine.  Later he complained that his chest was sore, and we suggested
that we could run him to the ER for a check, and he again declined and
decided to return home in late morning.  I gave him about 3 hours to get
home and called, but no answer.  A few hours later, I called again, and
again no response so I left a message.  When Chet returned home, he also
called and left messages Sunday, and sent him an e-mail.  None of the
messages were returned.  Sometime on Monday, after his family had not been
able to contact him, they went to his home and found him deceased.

Chuck was an avid contester and had really developed his operating skills
very well.  He will be sorely missed here at W3PP.

73  Dallas

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