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[CQ-Contest] Wanted - logging SW recommendations for minimalistinstallat

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Subject: [CQ-Contest] Wanted - logging SW recommendations for minimalistinstallation
From: Zero Beat <zerobeat40@yahoo.com>
Date: Fri, 29 Oct 2004 10:43:16 -0700 (PDT)
List-post: <mailto:cq-contest@contesting.com>
In the traditional "executive" format, I'll first pose
the question, then for those who haven't nodded off,
explain why...

I *think* I need logging software that fits the

1 - Runs on a minimalist machine - 133MHz Pentium with
32Meg RAM.
2 - Pursuant to the first item, I think this means a
DOS program.  The machine is presently formatted; I
think it will run W95 or W98, which I have licenses
for.  I don't think the machine can run any more
recent OS
3 - No sacrifice in functionality on an 800 X 600
4 - Absolutely minimal use of the mouse
5 - Can produce a Cabrillo file, or another routine
can be used to convert to Cabrillo
6 - Fonts large enough for my old eyes, or there's a
setting for them.
7 - Easy for a not-so-fluent PC user to use
8 - The only two hardware interface features I can
imagine is that I can use the PC to do CW keying and
also read band data from the rig.  It might be nice to
have paddle inputs, but that's probably too
complicated for me!

Here's the situation...I'm somewhat limited budget,
but more than that, limited space.  The contest
station occupies a very tiny corner of a room.  I
finally got a PC that fits the available desk space -
a laptop.  If I have to use a mouse, I'll have to
configure some added shelf, and set the mouse above or
below the PC or something like that.  There is simply
no room for an external keyboard or monitor.  The
family home does have an "office" and in that we have
some more capable machines.  The budget won't support
acquiring a more modern laptop, though - those things
are expensive!  

And I'm old, but with moderately good eyesight for my
age.  But note "for my age".  I'm also from the days
before PCs and while I really don't think I struggle
against them, I also am not fluent in them, and have a
magic ability to get any crash-proof windows software
to crash.

I'm a moderately experienced contester, but have
always operated from the stations of others.  As
travel is becoming more difficult, I want to continue
to enjoy contesting from home - for the first time!



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