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Re: [CQ-Contest] Wanted - logging SW recommendations forminimalistinstal

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Subject: Re: [CQ-Contest] Wanted - logging SW recommendations forminimalistinstallation
From: "David Thompson" <thompson@mindspring.com>
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Date: Fri, 29 Oct 2004 16:54:34 -0400
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CT or TR seem to fit the bill. I did have writelog running on a 166MMX PC
with W95 Ver 2.  I suggest W98 if possible as many ISPs and Norton still
support 89 but have dropped W 95
Dave K4JRB

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From: "Zero Beat" <zerobeat40@yahoo.com>
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Subject: [CQ-Contest] Wanted - logging SW recommendations for

> In the traditional "executive" format, I'll first pose
> the question, then for those who haven't nodded off,
> explain why...
> I *think* I need logging software that fits the
> following:
> 1 - Runs on a minimalist machine - 133MHz Pentium with
> 32Meg RAM.
> 2 - Pursuant to the first item, I think this means a
> DOS program.  The machine is presently formatted; I
> think it will run W95 or W98, which I have licenses
> for.  I don't think the machine can run any more
> recent OS
> 3 - No sacrifice in functionality on an 800 X 600
> display
> 4 - Absolutely minimal use of the mouse
> 5 - Can produce a Cabrillo file, or another routine
> can be used to convert to Cabrillo
> 6 - Fonts large enough for my old eyes, or there's a
> setting for them.
> 7 - Easy for a not-so-fluent PC user to use
> 8 - The only two hardware interface features I can
> imagine is that I can use the PC to do CW keying and
> also read band data from the rig.  It might be nice to
> have paddle inputs, but that's probably too
> complicated for me!
> Here's the situation...I'm somewhat limited budget,
> but more than that, limited space.  The contest
> station occupies a very tiny corner of a room.  I
> finally got a PC that fits the available desk space -
> a laptop.  If I have to use a mouse, I'll have to
> configure some added shelf, and set the mouse above or
> below the PC or something like that.  There is simply
> no room for an external keyboard or monitor.  The
> family home does have an "office" and in that we have
> some more capable machines.  The budget won't support
> acquiring a more modern laptop, though - those things
> are expensive!
> And I'm old, but with moderately good eyesight for my
> age.  But note "for my age".  I'm also from the days
> before PCs and while I really don't think I struggle
> against them, I also am not fluent in them, and have a
> magic ability to get any crash-proof windows software
> to crash.
> I'm a moderately experienced contester, but have
> always operated from the stations of others.  As
> travel is becoming more difficult, I want to continue
> to enjoy contesting from home - for the first time!
> TIA,
> Zero
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