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Subject: Re: [CQ-Contest] Worked Before...
From: Hank Kohl K8DD <k8dd@arrl.net>
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Date: Fri, 01 Apr 2005 16:25:24 -0500
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It happened several times in CQ WW CW from VO2AAA Zone 2 Labrador by some
well known stations.  And they would not belive they were not in our log.
Oh well - can't wait to see the UBN.
And we worked anyone who called us, no matter how many times.
Hank    K8DD

Dave VO1AU wrote:

>I agree with you.  I generally work dupes when they call me because I 
>suspect they either aren't using software to log, or they busted my call the 
>first time they worked me.  I know that a fair number of people have logged 
>me as VØ1AU - I hear them call me that in CW!  I only tell people they're 
>dupes if they call me a second or third time in a few minutes, or if they've 
>really annoyed me somehow.
>Dave VO1AU
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>From: "Scott Pederson" <spederson@yahoo.com>
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>>I encountered an incident a couple of times this last weekend during WPX 
>>Once was on 10m SSB working an SA station, and he gave me "sorry, worked
>>before".  I did not have him in my log (nothing close, but it may have 
>>been a
>>"Senior Moment") so I asked him if I could work him again.
>>He said "well, uh, sure!"  We exchanged reports and went on our way.
>>- Dupe for him, no penalty
>>- New contact for me, no penalty
>>Just work 'em all and move on.
>>Scott - KI5DR
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