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Date: Sun, 24 Apr 2005 20:41:15 -0700
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As I said in the note section of the 160 QSL I sent you "Thanks for a
really great Web site". I and many others appreciate the effort you go
through to post the numerous links and the summaries of the various
questions you ask on the reflectors and other sources of info. For us
little guys much of that stuff is beyond anything we will ever need.
However, buried in all of those links and threads are gems and jewels
that are very important in helping us eek out whatever little bit of
improvement we can get from our limited situations.

Thanks again for being so willing to share what you learn and the
sources as well. Your efforts represent what the "spirit" of this
hobby/service is supposed to be about.


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Subject: [CQ-Contest] web site updates

Besides sitting here watching the new wx station count up the inches
of rain that is watering the new aluminum seeds, I have been catching
up on almost a years worth of notes to add to my web site.  See the
What's New page for the links below, most of which are on the tech ref
pages.  Lots of this stuff has been collected from these reflectors
over the last year or so, many from discussions that get repeated

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