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Re: [CQ-Contest] 40M question: ARRL DX Phone

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Subject: Re: [CQ-Contest] 40M question: ARRL DX Phone
From: "Lawrence Stoskopf" <stoskopf@tri.net>
Date: Tue, 07 Mar 2006 03:18:48 GMT
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 From Kansas:  I've always stuck to the high bands for the various contests.  
This time I put up a dipole broadside to Eu.  Operated about 9 hours total, 
until about 1A local both nights.  Rig Orion I and Acom 2000. No noise and 
minimal RX QRM in that split operation.  Ended up with 47 countries and 80 
contacts.  Strictly S&P.  With exception of the HB9 that I chased both 
nights and totally couldn't hear me, I worked EVERYTHING I heard, most on 
the first call.  RK9, 9H3, RK2, 6V6U, JE1, UA9, S56, as well as the Carib 
and SA. 

Always, say on 20M, I hear weak stations calling the CQing stations.  I 
heard no second layer stations.  Question:  is this a result of being in the 
zero black hole?  I can't believe that another 3 dB would bring that second 
layer out of the noise that wasn't here this time.  Comments? 

The other comment is that some times I would listen to a station for 10 min 
working a string, giving his call, but not the transmit frequency.  Really 
aggravating as I didn't have WEB access and am assuming that all those 
callers were picking that freq off the WEB.  Next time I will have it and 
work /A.  Well hashed subject, but still poor operating practice. 


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