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Re: [CQ-Contest] Packet luck or pot luck?

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Subject: Re: [CQ-Contest] Packet luck or pot luck?
From: "Dallas and Lucy" <ludal@dmv.com>
Date: Tue, 7 Mar 2006 09:26:49 -0500
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 Let me splain it to ya.  Whereas your conclusion is a possible scenario, it
 is not necessarily the only, or even the most common one.  Some contesting
 s/w have a feature called "spot all S&P QSOs".  If that feature is 
 and your s/w is in an S&P mode, all of your Q's get spotted.  I noticed the
 same phenomena on several bands, and usually sent the station a packet note
 advising them of what they were doing, or calling them on their transmit
 frequency.  That always stopped the activity.

 In my own case, I got a packet note from a club member on our cluster that 
 was doing the same thing on 15M.  This was a case where the operator had no
 pre-recorded messages, and the previous operator had selected "spot all S&P
 QSOs".  With no pre-recorded messages, the current operator did not invoke
 the "RUN" feature to send .wav files, and therefore, the s/w thought he was
 in S&P and was spotting all of his Q's.

 To accuse each station that makes this mistake of cheating is grossly
 unjust, and I think your view on this is quite myopic.

 73  Dallas W3PP

> How about if you create your own luck by spotting yourself on packet and 
> then saying...ooooops.... Or have a nearby neighbor who just happens to be 
> a packet-cluster sysop spot you.
> I don't operate in phone contests and I never use the packet-cluster in 
> any contest I participate in. At the beginning of the contest I told the 
> cluster I didn't want to receive any phone spots. That works pretty well 
> on every band except 40 (which is being covered on other threads). Friday 
> night I was tuning around below 7025 and watching the cluster. I noticed 
> several different stations being spotted on the same frequency, below 
> 7040. A closer look revealed the same spotter was spotting those stations. 
> An even closer looked showed the QSX frequency was exactly the same for 
> the group of spots. This happened several different times by several 
> different stations. I'm sure there will be loud and violent explanations 
> for why and how those spots happened but I didn't fall off the turnip 
> truck yesterday. When you are spotting stations you are working on your 
> run frequencies, it is plain, pure, and simple self-spotting.
> p.s. Wonder if those stations will claim single op unassisted?

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