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[CQ-Contest] Packet luck or pot luck?

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Subject: [CQ-Contest] Packet luck or pot luck?
From: Eric Scace K3NA <eric@k3na.org>
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Date: Wed, 08 Mar 2006 19:40:07 -0500
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I operated as W1FJ.  Upon my request, K1TTT gave me the 
spots generating by the W1FJ station.

I spotted 8 DX stations on 7038 QSX 7154 between Mar 
4/0753-0807z... and three at 0920z.

This occurred because I configured MM software to 
"automagically spot S&P QSOs".  It seemed a good idea at the 

But, due to some confusion about how MM was configured for 
split operations on 40m, MM thought that I was operating S&P 
when, in fact, I was running... and so generated these spots 
on my TX/RX frequency.

Another station tipped us off that I was generating these 
spots, which was the first indication of the problem.  I 
immediately turned off the auto-spot option on every band.

So, Mal, I guess I'm saying "ooooops", as you put it.  It 
was a mistake -- just like the mistake I made when I 
reversed by VFOs and transmitted below 7100 kHz.  I'm sorry 
for making these mistakes... and I am glad that someone else 
pointed them out quickly.

I am not claiming single-op assisted.  We were multi-multi.

    -- Eric K3NA

on 06 Mar 6 Mon 14:00 N7MAL said the following:
> How about if you create your own luck by spotting yourself on packet and then 
> saying...ooooops.... Or have a nearby neighbor who just happens to be a 
> packet-cluster sysop spot you.
> I don't operate in phone contests and I never use the packet-cluster in any 
> contest I participate in. At the beginning of the contest I told the cluster 
> I didn't want to receive any phone spots. That works pretty well on every 
> band except 40 (which is being covered on other threads). Friday night I was 
> tuning around below 7025 and watching the cluster. I noticed several 
> different stations being spotted on the same frequency, below 7040. A closer 
> look revealed the same spotter was spotting those stations. An even closer 
> looked showed the QSX frequency was exactly the same for the group of spots. 
> This happened several different times by several different stations. I'm sure 
> there will be loud and violent explanations for why and how those spots 
> happened but I didn't fall off the turnip truck yesterday. When you are 
> spotting stations you are working on your run frequencies, it is plain, pure, 
> and simple self-spotting.
> p.s. Wonder if those stations will claim single op unassisted?
> MAL       
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