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Subject: Re: [CQ-Contest] CONTEST CRIMINALS
From: "Eric Hilding" <dx35@hilding.com>
Date: Sun, 12 Mar 2006 20:56:46 -0800
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On Sat, 11 Mar 2006, David Robbins K1TTT wrote:

> You are correct, and the contest sponsors who are interested either have
> their own source for the same data or have been regularly asking me for the
> raw data.  And if you dig deep enough and compare between the 3830 claimed
> scores and what finally shows up in the final results there are some missing
> scores and some in different categories.  I only wish that the sponsors
> would publish the specifics of all the cases, though I guess that some of
> them were logs that just didn't get submitted or were voluntarily withdrawn.

What a sad situation for such a wonderful hobby, because forgery is criminal 
behavior, regardless of where it occurs.

Over the years, I've had numerous discussions with the FBI regarding HUNDREDS 
OF THOUSANDS of forgeries of several of my high-profile domain names, which is 
why I have ZERO TOLERANCE for this kind of crap within the Contesting arena of 
the amateur radio "hobby".

I believe you are providing a valuable service by bringing examples of this 
unfortunate situation to everyone's attention, because it needs to be dealt 
with.  It is refreshing to know that some sponsors have not buried their heads 
in the sand, and I encourage those sponsors following this thread who have been 
sitting on the fence to show some intestinal fortitude and leadership for a 


Rick, K6VVA

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