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[CQ-Contest] March NAQCC Sprint Announcement

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Subject: [CQ-Contest] March NAQCC Sprint Announcement
From: Larry Makoski W2LJ <Makos327@worldnet.att.net>
Reply-to: Makos327@worldnet.att.net
Date: Mon, 13 Mar 2006 23:37:00 -0500
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The NAQCC QRP CW Sprint for March is this coming Wednesday night March 
15th (Thursday morning, March 16th UTC time).  This month, there will be 
two time periods open for the contest to benefit Amateurs on the West 
coast.  The available time periods are 8:30 to 10.30 PM EST or 8:30 to 
10:30 PST (0130 to 0330 and 0430 to 0630 UTC).  You may operate both 
time periods; but you may only submit a log for ONE time period.

This month's Sprint will be held on 80 Meters ONLY. The suggested 
starting point for participants is from 3.555 MHz to 3.565 MHz and there 
abouts.  Please be considerate of non-contesting FISTS members who 
congregate around 3.558 MHz !!!

Those who wish to initiate calls, please use "CQ NA".

The exchange is RST - SPC - NAQCC Member Nr.  (for those who wish to 
participate that are not NAQCC members, simply substitute the member 
number with your output power.  Please use a "W" to indicate that you 
are sending a power output figure!

A bonus is awarded as follows:

If you use only a straight key for the entire sprint, multiply your 
score by 2.
If you use only a bug for the entire sprint, multiply your score by 1.5.
If you use a keyer, keyboard, or computer, there is no bonus multiplier

ALL amateurs may participate; but only those using QRP power levels may 
compete for awards.

For details - please check: http://www.arm-tek.net/~yoel/sprint200603.html
To join the NAQCC please check: http://www.arm-tek.net/~yoel/joinup.html

This month the contestant who earns the highest numeric total of SKCC 
member numbers will earn a special certificate.

All contest logs must be submitted by no later than 2400 UTC on March 
22, 2006.

Larry W2LJ

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