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Subject: [CQ-Contest] World Radio Contesting column
From: "Mark Steven Williams" <k9gx@n4gn.com>
Reply-to: Mark Steven Williams <K9GX@N4GN.COM>
Date: Tue, 21 Mar 2006 05:05:34 -0000
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Hey, contesters

"World Radio" magazine has asked me to edit a contesting column for their 
publication. I've tentatively accepted the offer as think it's good policy to 
promote contesting wherever possible.

So, I'm looking to you because I would like this to be about contesters and 
improving operating techniques.

The first column is tentatively scheduled for the June edition. My deadline is 
1 April.

Here are the topics for the June column:

A. Who "elmered" your fledgling contesting activities and how did your interest 
in contesting begin?

B. On station improvement. What simple upgrades do you have planned for your 
station this year...or describe the smartest, most cost effective, upgrade 
you've built into your station.

Keep in mind that WR is primarily a "Joe Ham" publication so I want to focus on 
things the average guy or gal can do to get in the game casually.

Please reply to me directly: k9gx@n4gn.com  

Thanks for your time...



Mark S. Williams
Elizabeth, IN
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