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Re: [CQ-Contest] 7QP Coming Soon

To: Tom Taormina <tom@k5rc.cc>
Subject: Re: [CQ-Contest] 7QP Coming Soon
From: Alan Zack <k7acz@cox.net>
Reply-to: k7acz@cox.net
Date: Wed, 22 Mar 2006 14:15:31 -0800
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I realize there is a logging program shown on the web site that could be 
downloaded for the 7QP.  I normally use CTWin for my contest logger.  
Anyone know if  and how CT could be used?

On the web site there is this info on the GenLog logger:

I have added 7QP support to my GenLog contest logger v6.47 (W3KM's 
GenLog <http://mysite.verizon.net/dmascaro>)
Users installing GenLog for the first time must do a full Windows 

Maybe a stupid question but when it says you must do a full windows 
installation I assume that refers just to the logger software and not 
that you have to reinstall Windows again on your PC.  I wouldn't want to 
do that.


Tom Taormina wrote:

>The first running of the 7th Call Area QSO Party is coming the 
>weekend of May 6-7. We are hoping to build on the tradition of the 
>Armadillo Runs and activate every county in 7-land for the Party. We 
>just posted a spread sheet on the web site called "Planned 
>Operations." If you are motivated to come to the wild west and help 
>with some of the rural counties, please let the appropriate state 
>coordinator know so we can "put  you on the list." This should be a 
>lot of fun, especially if you and a buddy throw a rig in the car and 
>"run" counties.
>The web site is <http://www.7qp.org/>www.7qp.org
>Tom Taormina, K5RC
>Virginia City NV
>7QP - May 6-7 - <http://www.7qp.org/>www.7qp.org
>Armadillo Reunion - June 24-25 - 
>QTH for: NACHO - W7RN and RANN - K7RC
>Web Site: http://k5rc.cc/  
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Alan Zack
Amateur Radio Station K7ACZ
Official USCG Auxiliary Comm Station
Las Vegas, Nevada, USA

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