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[CQ-Contest] Comments, NCCC Practice Session March 31

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Subject: [CQ-Contest] Comments, NCCC Practice Session March 31
From: Jim George <n3bb@mindspring.com>
Date: Thu, 30 Mar 2006 22:27:43 -0600
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20 meters was open well at the start to the west coast, but only worked two 
CA stations (N6RO and W0YK) plus W5JAW here in town.  Where did people go?

80 and 40 were quite noisy here (moist atmospherics, with bad storms in 
north TX and OK, and I had trouble copying.  At one point, I called W5JAW 
in Austin several times before he heard me on 80, and most every QSO on 
that band was a hard one.

There seemed to be several "non-regulars" on.  I worked 22 different 
stations altogether out of the 33 net contacts

Made 33 QSOs and 10 Mults (in order CA, TN, IL, TX, WA, NV, IN, MI, GA, and 

QSOs per ten minute segments were 14, a poor 10, and a terrible 9 the last 
ten minutes.  My last contact was at 0357, with a poor finish.

Hoping people tear themselves away from the basketball games, or record 
them, and take part in the N4AF Sprint Saturday night.  See you there!

Jim N3BB

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