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Date: Mon, 1 May 2006 17:44:23 -0700
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The ARRL test numbers, while helpful for general use, don't say much for
<5KHz spacing which is what CONTESTERS need.  In a contest, you're often
<2KHz away from your nearest neighboor (on phone) and less than 500Hz
away on CW.

If you go to the Sherwood Engineering website, you'll find data from a
contest presentation that Rob Sherwood (NC0B) presented at the 2004
Dayton Hamvention.  The specific chart is linked as "Radios Used in a
Contest Environment".  The chart shows the dynamic range of various
receivers at 2KHz spacing and the TS-2000 falls near the bottom of the

I don't remember if the above chart was based on manufacturer's data or
actual testing, but Rob also has table of data for all the radios he's
personally tested - it's linked under "Receiver Test Data".
Unfortunately, it doesn't list the TS-2000.  Although the data only
represents a single manufacturer's unit (and performance can vary
slightly from unit to unit), it is useful for getting a general idea of
how a particular model of radio should perform.

You also need to define what "effective" means to you.  If you want to
be serious and place in the top 10, then the TS-2000 probably won't get
you there.  If you just want to have fun and see your name on the
results sheet, then the TS-2000 will be fine.  My first contest was with
a Uniden HR-2510 - had a blast with it.  Next rig was a Yaesu
FT-101B...much better performing than the '2510 and I learned how much
good filters helped in a contest!  Next was a TS-450S/AT (my first "new"
radio) and I somehow placed in the top 25 of some category during the
SSB WPX contest that year.  I currently use a couple of TS-850's fully
loaded with InRad filters - one for CW and one for SSB.  Still don't
know why I keep the CW setup as I'm rarely on CW!  I also still have the
'450 as a backup.

Anyways, good luck with whichever radio you decide to buy and, most
important, have fun!


  - Aaron Hsu, NN6O (ex-KD6DAE)
    No-QRO Int'l #1,000,006
    . -..- - .-. .-   ".... . .- ...- -.--"

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Subject: [CQ-Contest] KENWOOD TS-2000

Does anyone here know if a KENWOOD TS-2000 can be used as an effective
contest rig?

Opinions please.

  73 fer nw,
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