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Date: Fri, 12 May 2006 20:48:11 -0000
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The problem is there is no common definition of 'dual receive' the
ft-1000mp/mk-v series has a second rx vfo.  But it shares the antenna and
front end with the main receiver so is only useful on the same band as the
main rx and only when the main is receiving also.  The ft-1000d had a
separate rx complete with a separate antenna jack if I remember right and
could be used on any band independent of the main rx (but could it rx while
the main was in tx?? I don't remember.).  The ts-2000 has a 'true' dual rx
system even though it only has one big knob, the sub rx can be on any band
it covers while the main is in tx on a different band... unfortunately the
sub rx is limited to AM/FM and only on VHF/UHF, basically a scanner add in.
so basically you will have to look at each radio that claims 'dual receive'
and see just how independent the 2nd rx is and if that will be useful for
what you want it for.  In my case the ft-1000mp/mk-v same band capability is
fine since each of my stations is limited to a single band anyway, so two
band capability would be lost.  But if you are doing s/o and want to be able
to check a 2nd band without having a full 2nd radio maybe you need something

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> Is the FT-1000D the only rig that has true dual receive or does the FT-
> 1000MP and FT-1000MPMKV also have this?
> Or does any other make and model have it now also. I have tried to search
> for "dual receive" but am not getting clear information on
> this.
> Too many advertise they have it, which I know already that don't from
> other things you guys have said before.
> I am considering a rig for contesting but want one this time around that
> has the true dual receive.
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