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Subject: [CQ-Contest] QST Contest Results
From: W2RU - Bud Hippisley <W2RU@frontiernet.net>
Date: Wed, 17 May 2006 23:55:36 +0000
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June 2006 QST contains a double-barreled reminder of the unfortunate 
ARRL policy re non-publishing of contest results.

I was in the midst of hopping between the 2005 Phone SS and 2005 160 
Meter write-ups when I realized that I would not be seeing results of my 
own or my friends' efforts in those pages.  Instead of the articles 
provoking enjoyment and anticipation for upcoming contests, my initial 
interest turned to frustration and disappointment.

With all due respect to Ford and Kelly, I firmly believe a simple 
tabulation -- in print -- of *all* (repeat -- *all*) entrants by 
Division and Section does more to encourage youngsters, non-contesters, 
and our fellow club members to get on and make QSOs than all the 
wordsmithing about a handful of elite category leaders.

Furthermore, the inclusion of photographs of entrants whose calls and 
results do not appear elsewhere in those two articles is rotten 
journalism.  Even low-budget local weekly newspapers know better than to 
do that.


Bud, W2RU

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