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Date: Thu, 25 May 2006 18:31:44 -0400
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Mal: I think the issue is 2X1 calls do not stand out. Also, with the
proliferation of vanity calls and special DX calls, Prefix multipliers are
not that hard to get, and certainly not waiting through a pileup for! Now my
call (WV2ZOW) sometimes attracts some attention in recent Prefix contests
and, I do get some comments at other times, probably because it is unique.
Not because of the "rare" prefix. Now back in the early 80's, before all the
different prefixes, I remember being in a Prefix contest and my call was
worth maybe 10 dB! Not so any more. 

Maybe there should be a contest where every station is a multiplier. Score:
Number of stations squared.--Mike Clarson, WV2ZOW

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12 years ago, when I moved here in Arizona, I changed my call. I'm from the
old school, IMHO the right school, that says when you move to a new callsign
district you get a call for that district. The FCC had just started issuing
AB7 calls. This was in April and I figured boy am I going to have fun in
WPX. I could not have been more wrong. I found no difference when I was in
the run mode. I expected big pile-ups but they never really happened. 
I think a big reason is the casual contester. Psychologically they would
rather work a P4 or ZD8Z. An AB7 or 'A' anything is just stateside and not
glamorous. I distinctly remember tuning(S&P) and hearing the outrageous
pile-ups on the Caribbean stations and ZD8, HC8, etc. The JA run was just
average, 2 or 3 a min and never a big pile-up just steady. The AB7 didn't
seem to impress anyone even though there were only 2 AB7 stations on that
 I kept the call more than a year and found the AB7 never helped. I decided
then to get my current 'vanity' call.


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