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[CQ-Contest] Ameritron AL-811 for Contesting, OK or not?

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Subject: [CQ-Contest] Ameritron AL-811 for Contesting, OK or not?
From: <ku8e@bellsouth.net>
Date: Wed, 31 May 2006 11:08:14 -0400
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  I have been using a loaner AL811H from K4BAI since about last Fall.  
Unfortunately it's down
  for some repairs right now.

  If you use this amp for contesting make sure you use some type of external 
fan. The internal fan
doesn't seem to cool down the amp enough and it will get very hot if you drive 
it hard in a contest.. I have had to replace the tubes once. I think the tubes 
inside the amp when I got it from John might of been the orginals. With 80 
watts drive you should get between 500-600 watts out

If you ever need to remove the tubes ( I had to replace them) The parasitic 
suppressors that hook to the anodes of the 811A tubes break off very easily. I 
have had to resolder the connections many times. Ameriton has redesigned this 
and you can order a parasitic suppressor board from them.
Also, if you ever need to remove a tube to test it be very careful. The anode 
cap of the 811A will break off the tube very easily.

I wouldn't say this is a contest quality amp but its small size makes it nice 
for a Dxpedition.

Jeff KU8E

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