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Re: [CQ-Contest] AL-811 for Contesting, OK or not?

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Subject: Re: [CQ-Contest] AL-811 for Contesting, OK or not?
From: "igor sokolov" <ua9cdc@r66.ru>
Date: Thu, 1 Jun 2006 04:17:40 +0600
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>I just used my AL-811H in the CQ-WPX CW contest.  I set it for 500 out on
>.meters.  I ran it for two 12 hour stretches without a problem.  I had my
>keyer setup to call "TST WW9R TST" with only a 3 second pause in between.
>The VOX delay was set so the relay stayed tripped for words (25 mS).  I
>really like the amp.


Nothing personal butI was always wondering why people set up such a
messages. The most important part of that is the call sign. That is what I
am trying to copy through the QRM, QRN and fadings. It would be much easier
if the call sign is given twice and "test" only once. The same applies to
serial numbers. For some reasons when I am asking someone to repete serial
number in the contest I always get 5NN first which gets to me no problems.
Then when it is time for the serial it gets burried in cracks, crashes and
QRM. I would really prefer to hearwhat I am asking for ( serial number)
twice and no 5NN at all.

73, Igor  UA9CDC

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