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Re: [CQ-Contest] SO2R Technique

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Subject: Re: [CQ-Contest] SO2R Technique
From: Pete Smith <n4zr@contesting.com>
Date: Wed, 09 Aug 2006 22:32:08 -0400
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At the risk of being accused of excessive irony, I suggest that anyone who logs 
a QRP station in a contest should get double QSO points for the extra effort 
involved, and if the QRP station sends /QRP,the other station should get 4X 
points as a PITA bonus.

73, Pete N4ZR

9/2006, Kelly Taylor wrote:
>>> Well, an option would be for all SO2R ops to use "callsign/SO2R", but 
>>> that would be worse than those who use "callsign/QRP" and take up 
>>> everyone's time in a contest ;-(
>> Plus, SO2R is a valid call sign:
>> http://www.qrz.com/callsign/SO2R
>Plus, it presupposes that SO2R ops are worthy of special consideration. This 
>isn't a slag against SO2R, as I'm sure most SO2R ops would agree that their 
>run frequency isn't any more guaranteed by virtue of 2R operation than were 
>they 1R.
>73, kelly
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