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Re: [CQ-Contest] "?" not equal to "QRL?"

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Subject: Re: [CQ-Contest] "?" not equal to "QRL?"
From: Nick Fedoseev <nf@tav.kiev.ua>
Reply-to: Nick Fedoseev <nf@tav.kiev.ua>
Date: Sat, 12 Aug 2006 00:03:54 +0300
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Hello Jim,

It's a pity that you lost JT, but just imagine, what if that W3XXX, who
do not hear JT due to propagation and do not hear you as you are
listening, that W3XXX sends fat "QRL?" instead of fast "?". Isn't it

There's no time in contests to listen. There's almost no place for CQ.
So, if you listen too long time, somebody else will start with ?/QRL?/CQ
on the frequency.

Simple "AS" or "AGN" time to time may keep the frequency clean. But sometimes
that does not help. For example, a year or two ago I started CQWPX on
40m with CQ, the frequency was very nice for me, I made a few QSOs
without any QRM. But my luck was too short. My next CQ was answered by
weak W station in parallel with booming "CQ de ZF2xx". What to do?
ZF2 makes a show that he does not hear me... By the way, full
sized 3 el beam at 37m with a KW is here, not QRP at all. No offset,
no "QRL?", no "?", no excuse, just CQ over my frequency followed
by pileup to Europe.

It's not an occasional event with JT, but a impertinent demonstration of
the force.

Any prescription against such events?

Friday, August 11, 2006, you wrote:

Jim> I'm at ZD8Z running Eastern Europe, and get a call from a weak JT in Zone
Jim> 23.   I really want to hear and copy the JT.  Just as I'm about to have a
Jim> clear shot at his callsign, your W3XXX - who has a S9 signal into ZD8 - and
Jim> who doesn't (1) know that I've been running the frequency for hours, as for
Jim> a few seconds I'm not transmitting, and only now trying to hear the JT, and
Jim> (2)  W3XXX cannot begin to hear the JT, because of propagation, or  has his
Jim> beam towards South America, or whatever.

Best regards,
 Nick (UT2UZ)                        mailto:nf@tav.kiev.ua

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