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To: Larry Schimelpfenig <k7sv@adelphia.net>
From: David Pruett <k8cc@comcast.net>
Date: Tue, 15 Aug 2006 23:52:07 -0400
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This is not really a Cabrillo question.  Cabrillo does not define how a 
log is scored, only how data is formatted.  The question you're asking 
has more to do with how the log-checker's software determines multipliers.

The original NAQP rules from 1986 told NA entrants to log non-NA 
stations as "DX" in the location field because these stations were 
non-multipliers (i.e, not a mult, but not bad either).  I think the 
assumption for non-W/VE NA stations was that the country would be parsed 
from the callsign itself.

But again, its all how the logcheckers set up their scoring process.  
Ideally, this should be spelled out clearly in the published rules so 
that nobody has to function under assumption.


Larry Schimelpfenig wrote:
> There's a current discussion on the Writelog reflector regarding multipliers 
> in NAQP. The discussion would lead one to believe that multipliers from 
> North American countries external of USA and Canada don't appear in the 
> Cabrillo logs generated from Writelog logs.
> First, it certainly appears that Writelog adds the DX North Amerian 
> multipliers to the log based on the prefix of the call regardless of what is 
> placed in the QTH column. For example, when I enter VP5B under call and 
> scroll to the next column, the log indicates the Q is a multiplier. When I 
> get to the QTH column I enter DX and hit return. It still indicates that I 
> have the mult.
> So my assumption has always been that for US/CAN, the two letter postal code 
> is used by CABRILLO for those mults and for North American DX it uses the 
> prefix of the station.
> So now in looking at the CABRILLO information on CABRILLO templates, I find 
> the following informaitn on ex2 whch is the QTH column:
>  ex2:
> QTH in NA Sprint and NAQP, USA and Canada stations use two letter postal 
> code abbreviation, foreign stations stations use QTH; IOTA reference number 
> in RSGB IOTA contests, of form aa-nnn for island stations or '------' for 
> non-island stations.
> So my question is am I correct about how CABRILLO really determines what the 
> multipliers are for North American DX, or has Writelog been historically 
> broken in the Sprints and NAQP?
> 73 de Lary K7SV 
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