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Date: Thu, 17 Aug 2006 19:06:58 -0500
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This was posted today on our company internal web site:

Subject:  With New Terror Plot Come New Carry-on Restrictions

BY NOW YOU'VE ALREADY READ ABOUT or personally experienced the changes in
security screening at our nation's airports and around the world that came
about as a result of the alleged terror plot against U.S.-bound flights out
of London. The attackers had planned to use a red gel-like explosive hidden
in sports drink bottles, to which the TSA and British authorities have
responded by banning all forms of liquid or gel carried onto planes. On
Sunday the TSA updated its liquid and gel ban to allow for lipstick and
small amounts (4 oz. or less) of over-the-counter liquid medicines. In its
original ban, the TSA had only permitted baby formula and prescription
medications in the name of the passenger to be carried onboard. Also,
removal of shoes, formerly discretionary, is now mandatory -- and if you're
"gellin'" save yourself some security line time and either pack them in
checked luggage or leave them at home. To avoid delays, the TSA recommends
that passengers pack all liquids and gels, including shampoo, toothpaste,
perfume, hair gel and suntan lotion in checked luggage.
As of Monday, the U.K. dropped its terror alert level from "critical" to
"severe," and as of this morning is once again permitting one carry-on per
passenger. Traffic in and out of Heathrow has been cut back approximately 30
percent, so it is still a good idea to contact your airline if you are
traveling through London.
The alleged plot also involved assembling the explosives onboard using
components from electronic devices such as digital cameras. The good news
for now is that electronic devices such as iPods, pocket PCs and most
importantly laptops are still allowed onboard. For more information on the
changes in airport security measures, visit www.tsa.gov.
Additionally, you can register on the TSA Web site's Frequently Asked
Questions (FAQ) area to receive e-mail notification should the answer to a
question be updated at any time. Visit www.tsa.gov and click on "Frequently
Asked Questions" in the upper right-hand corner of the page.

73, Keith NM5G

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All this reminds me of the trip I did several years ago to YV land. As part
of the team effort, I  hand carried a Peter Dahl transformer for a rather
large amp.... that's one of those large, heavy black things with wires
coming out of it. I put it in my back pack as carry-on luggage. That was
because they didn't weigh hand carry stuff and I was right at the max weight
limit for the check-in stuff (which included the rest of the amp). You can
imagine the looks I got then .. I can only imagine what would happen now.
Are we safe yet?

The only good solution is to box up everything including radio, socks, etc.
and ship it FedEx ahead of your flight.

73, Al  AD6E

heading to Heathrow in a couple of weeks... but without a radio.

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