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Subject: Re: [CQ-Contest] 1966 vs 2006 [was: Why didthe Canadians (PT5M)beat the
From: Laurent Ferracci <laurent@ferracci.org>
Date: Tue, 22 Aug 2006 16:08:12 +0200
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CT1BOH wrote "If we now look to the minutes with QSOs we can check that 
the Canadians had 294 minutes with QSOs – 535 QSOs at a rate of 1,82 
QSOs per minute and the Americans had 210 minutes with QSOs – 322 QSOs 
at a rate of 1.53 QSOs per minute."

So we have a rate of 109 Q/H for PT5M and 91,8 for PT5C. Difference is 17,4.

I've re-read http://www.ncjweb.com/howmuchisadb.pdf
On page 9, it gives a formula of delta-rate=b*dB/10.

In the article (OF COURSE, this is not the same contest etc etc) for 
south america b is 47,95. So the equation would give a difference of 
3,62 dB. Not too far from what HFTA gave you...

Laurent, F1JKJ

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