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[CQ-Contest] WRTC Geographic leveling and stimulating competition

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Subject: [CQ-Contest] WRTC Geographic leveling and stimulating competition
From: k3bu@optonline.net
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Date: Tue, 22 Aug 2006 15:02:47 -0400
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W4ZV wrote:

>>         How to do this?

1.  Locate 50 stations along a remote flat seacoast a set distance
from high tide levels every mile along a 50 mile stretch of isolated
beach.  During the summertime, comfort should not be much of a
problem due to temperature.  Tents, generators, porta-potties and
coolers could provide what most of us need to survive a 24 hour contest.
We do it all the time in Field Day don't we?

2.  Use identical multiband verticals with identical radial systems.
These are simple, inexpensive, easy to erect, and should work very
well near salt water.

3.  Use small <1KW generators like the VP8THU/VP8GEO team used...
possibly backed up by UPS in case a referee temporarily forgets to

         Something like this should remove the variables of antenna
interaction and local power line noise, and I suspect there are
areas (like National Seashores in the US) that are not too far
removed from civilization for other necessary parts of the WRTC
(administrative meetings, awards dinners, etc.).

         Something to think about while WRTC is fresh in our minds and
as clubs think about sponsoring the next WRTC in 2004.

                                                 73,  Bill  W4ZV

As Bill outlined, this would be excellent way to equalize the location.
Taking it even further, because ham radio is sport combining technical aspects, 
station design and operator skills are contested, let's try to equalize the 
location, but wide open the room for equipment design in addition to operator 
skill test. 
1. Establich power limit as AC power going into whole station, lightbulbs, 
rigs, computers, gizmos. 1500W seems good compromise. Not forcing QRP and 
plenty of juice to be heard and have fun.
      Incentive for clever design how to get maximum power output from 
available AC input (easy to measure) and to minimize the power consumption for 
the rest of the equipment.  
2. Weight limit on the equipment and antenna package, if we are considering 
teams of two, use the maximum allowable airline limit for luggage per person (2 
x 140 lbs). Easy to measure, just put it all on the scale, suitcase and all. 
(Food, clothing, tent, generator excluded, or ? :-)
    Incentive for clever design and trade off between power - equipment - 
antenna. Using beach front, verticals will be the attractive choice, and open 
room for clever antenna designs dB vs. lbs. or dB vs. Watts.
No packet crutches, but any way you configure your one, or five radios - no 
limit to imagination or automation. One signal at a time.
Use it at the beach setup with tents and generators.  (NJ [we have 10 mi of 
pristine Island Beach Park] or NC [Outer Banks] or FL beaches on this side of 
the pond)
Have prizes for most innovative designs (if it doesn't win :-) Have a referee 
with option to monitor and fillup the generators.
There, perfect laveled playing sand for determining who is the best contester 
(designer & operator),
with possible category for the "factory teams" and "drive in" operators.
Have continental qualification runs, heck, even within the clubs and let the 
best advance to the ultimate in contesting. 
The net result would be the bunch of designs very suitable for emergency and 
expedition operations, takaeable on the airlines and whole bunch of contest 
nuts brewing and operating their own stuff.
Clubs can make few packages for their racers. The whole new fun, especially 
with new SDR equipment on the horizon. 
This category can be added to just about any contest (single or two OPs) and it 
would trully reflect the championship of mastering the technology and operating 
from particular location. More like how clever one can be, rather than how many 
kilobucks invested. Also removing big legistics burden from the sponsor, 
contesters take care of their stations and antennas, just provide table, tent, 
AC power and a referee - all on a sunny beach.
Tesla Radioclub already added this category to its Tesla Cup 2006 contest
BTW there is the best "ruled" contest that everyone is craving for, no 
penalties, so what is your reason not to take a part?  Any Godfathers to 
cosponsor it? 
Yuri Blanarovich, K3BU
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