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[CQ-Contest] Contest Ploys for Wives, was Re: Defacto Calendar

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Subject: [CQ-Contest] Contest Ploys for Wives, was Re: Defacto Calendar
From: R Johnson <k1vu@tmlp.com>
Date: Mon, 28 Aug 2006 22:16:51 -0400
List-post: <mailto:cq-contest@contesting.com>
I presume that you really meant:
"Such a calendar would make an excellent Christmas gift"
("for your Wife")!!!

I think I'll get one for my wife also.

Just think the extra mileage YOU can get when you say "Gee Honey, the
XYZ Contest was marked on the calender that I gave you last Christmas".
Remember when I gave it to you, I ASKED YOU to mark the contest dates
that WE had commitments for ???

If she is a Non-Ham type, she probably put it someplace where she will
try and forget all about it.

A week or two before an upcoming contest YOU mark the "Family Calendar"
for the first weekend in AUG "ARRL UHF CONTEST" (only if you don't plan
to run the contest) and mark "YOUR PERSONAL CONTEST CALENDAR" "Took wife
shopping for new dress" !!!

Or you could mark "YOUR PERSONAL CONTEST CALENDAR" for the 1st of JULY'
"Missed RAC CANADA DAY Contest", took wife on "Fourth of July Vacation"
(5 days only,if you plan to work the IARU Contest that starts the next
weekend and Field Day is the weekend before) !!!

Be sure to let her know that you wanted to spare her all of the traffic
backups and you didn't want the kids to hear any bad language when the
car overheated !!!

I think all of you get the basic idea on how to lay a little GUILT on
your spouse when you have a contest you really want to work.

However, you must remember that some contest MUST be overridden by
family prioritizes !!!

In MY case the "ARRL June VHF Contest" conflicts with my Birthday and
worst of all it now conflicts with my First Grandson's Birthday is the
day before. My daughter always wants to celebrate that weekend JUNE VHF.
Then the next weekend is "Farther's Day" which conflicts with the
"SMIRK 6M Contest !!! However the weekend before conflicts with the
"CQ VHF Contest" !!!

Next is my Second Grandson's Birthday which conflicts with the NAQP
Phone Contest. He is only 10 days old, so I'm still working on the
"Contest Calender" for him !!!

I keep trying for mid-week celebrations, but the female contingent
of the family always seems to come up with a "Double NIX on That"!!!

If any of you contester that are still married have any additional
Ploys, Subterfuges, Diversions, Deceptions, Misrepresentations, or
Lies (Perversions or "Just Plain Damn Lies" are acceptable) that
might be useful for contest weekends.
Please let us all know of your secrets !!!

Lastly, for New Years Eve, you can always use the "Guilt Trip":
"Hey, If you hadn't been dancing around with that stupid lampshade
on your head, I could have made it home in time for SKN" !!!

Tongue stuck in cheek !!! 
Bob, K1VU

At 09:55 8/28/2006, PaulKB8N@aol.com wrote:
>In a message dated 8/28/2006 8:46:54 A.M. Central Standard Time,  
>n5ot@n5ot.com writes:
>could best use a calendar that listed by "contest season" instead of 
>"calendar  year."  I'm ready to book all the dates between now and next 
>summer  so I can come up with my best Wife Appeasment Strategy, which is no 
>place for guesses!  Does such an online resource exist?
>Good thought!   How about if someone actually publishes an annual  desk 
>and/or wall calendar that shows all the contest activity for the  year?  Then 
>could show it to our wives and say "Look honey!  These  are all the contests 
>that I'm giving up to be with you!"  Maybe that would  help get XYL approval 
>the relatively few most of us participate in.
>BTW, such a calendar would make an excellent Christmas gift!
>Paul, K5AF
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