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Re: [CQ-Contest] Contesting Extinction

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Subject: Re: [CQ-Contest] Contesting Extinction
From: "VE5ZX" <ve5zx@hotmail.com>
Date: Sat, 7 Oct 2006 08:48:39 -0600
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> I've introduced this concept before, but I feel we can do better to
> recognize individual performance based on a multi-dimensional array of 
> categories
> that would allow most everyone to compare apples to apples.

Right on! Open Access contest database(s) with scores plus supplemental 
information based on modern techniques such as XML not Cabrillo.

> I think the days of the one-dimensional scorecard (the top ten box) are
> over.  We have the tools to sort scores by an almost unlimited number of
> dimensions, why not use it for the benefit of contesting and the 
> motivation of  the
> contesters?

Unfortunately, many sponsors are still living in the stone-age. I think top 
ten boxes are going to remain with us until they are encouraged to come into 
the 21st Century.

> This will only require a little more input when reporting scores but I 
> think
> it will encourage more participation.

And young contesters are not going to flock to radiosport until we start 
using modern tools and techniques.

One of the reasons I got my license 40+ years ago was because amateur radio 
was an inventive community. Unfortunately when it comes to contest reporting 
~dinosaurification~ seems to have set in. All they seem to hear when pleas 
for more information are requested is "we don't need more categories!". Go 


Sylvan Katz - VE5ZX
Saskatoon, SK 

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