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Subject: [CQ-Contest] CQP...post contest
From: "Kevin J. Rowett" <kevin@rowett.org>
Date: Tue, 10 Oct 2006 01:01:44 -0700
List-post: <mailto:cq-contest@contesting.com>
Hi Everyone,

>From reports and postings, it looks like lots of FUN was had in
The 2006 California QSO Party.   Thanks everyone for participating.

It's time to think about submitting your log...if you haven't done
So already.  (We've already had about 300 logs arrive!).

You can get your log into CQP log central four different ways:

* Use the web server http://logs.cqp.org/  (our preferred method)
* email a valid cabrillo file to mailto:logs@cqp.org

* email it to me (mailto:info@cqp.org)

* US Postal mail, ONLY if you really did paper log.
   (if you computer logged, please don't print the
    report and mail that..just email the file!)

We do have a bit of trouble with the first two techniques.
--the server doesn't handle very well the format of callsign/county
Format i.e. W6OAT/SHAS.  It will complain, but, it does accept
Your log.

--the email robot doesn't much like the W/L CATEGORY statements.
  It does accept your log though.  If you got a confirmation
  number back, the robot accepted your log.

--the email robot won't accept a zipped log file.  The correct method
  to send in the file is: name the file with your callsign (i.e. wb6s.log),
  attach to an email message; make the subject your callsign, send to

Also, neither technique knows how to process a CT log.  If you
Used CT, either use the log conversion utility from KA5WSS,  LogConv v1.73b,
And send in the Cabrillo file, or zip the 'all' file, and the 'sum' file,
Then email them to info@cqp.org.  See http://www.cqp.org/Software.html

-- The robot attached to the third option seems to be working okay, alibeit,
   a little slower than the other two options. :-).

We'll get the claimed scores page up in a day or two.  We're having
Trouble with one of the servers and it's taking a bit of time to

Lastly, if you'd like a T-shirt (can you guess the color?), then please do:
(many ops stayed in the contest on Saturday, just to qualify to order one
Of these beauties!)

1.  Go to http://www.cqp.org/pdf/2006_CQP_forms.pdf

2.  Print the summary sheet, fill in the information

3.  Total the amount, make out a check to NCCC
    alternatively, submit a payment to ncccpay@contesting.com,
    including your callsign and "CQP T-shirt order"

4.  Mail form and payment to the log submission address
    from http://ww.cqp.org/Rules.html
    21906 Monte CT
    Cupertino, CA 95014

CU in the California QSO Party, Oct 6-7, 2007

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