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[CQ-Contest] Announcing getscores.org: A Live Logging Portal

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Subject: [CQ-Contest] Announcing getscores.org: A Live Logging Portal
From: "Gerry Hull" <windev@inetmarket.com>
Date: Thu, 12 Oct 2006 09:00:12 -0400
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Fellow Contesters,

Through the encouragement of many, I deceided to take on the project of
creating a usable web portal for realtime score reporting.
The result is now ready for beta testing.   It will be fully functional for
the CQWW SSB and SS CW contests.   You can view the portal at

The scoring upload to the site is based on work by Bruce, WA7BMN, with his
Contest XML schema, and scoring trials last year by Tom, N1MM and the N1MM

We have been testing the site with the N1MM logger.   The latest version of
N1MM fully supports score posting.   If any other contest software vendor
supports the HTTP POST method of score reporting, it is immediately
compatible with getscores.org.  Additionally, getscores.org supports a
SOAP-based Web Service API.   The success of the site will depend on
participation and the support of software vendors.   There are links on the
live.getscores.org site for FAQs.

The viewing site supports many filters, so that you can look at only what
you want to look at.  Filter by Class, Power, CQ Zone, IARU Zone, State/Prov
and lots more.   Your filter preferences are saved as a cookie by your
browser for up to 7 days.   The page automatically refreshes every 60
seconds with score information.

Currently, the site reports full score information.   The Upload API
supports breakdowns, and these are being stored internally, however, I'm
still working on the best method to display this information.  Sending of
breakdowns is up to the user and is fully optional (as determined by the
contest software vendor.)

Support for all the contests listed on the site will be fully operational
soon, as well as an RSS feed.  Stay tuned.

If you have any questions or suggestions about the site, please send them to
me at the email addresses provided on the site, or via gerry@w1ve.com

As we get closer to CQWW, I'll be looking at the site to ensure it is fully
operational under load.  It is hosted at a very large facility with high
burst-bandwidth capabilities.


Gerry, W1VE
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