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[CQ-Contest] HAL-DXP38 vs MMTTY

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Subject: [CQ-Contest] HAL-DXP38 vs MMTTY
From: "Gary Jones" <garyejones@cmaaccess.com>
Date: Sun, 22 Oct 2006 11:35:53 -0500
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I very much appreciate the recommendations from various contesters to my
question about good RTTY software to replace my beloved WF1B software
for RTTY DXpeditioning. I will download both N1MM and WriteLog and play
with them in DXpeditioning mode. 
Several operators have commented on the presumed superiority of MMTTY on
RTTY. Although you may be right, I believe that you are probably missing
a very important issue. When DXpeditioning, particularly from a place
that generates real pile-ups, the DXpedition station has wall-to-wall
callers over a 5 – 15 kc bandwidth, not 3 or 4 callers on top of each
other like one might have a few times in a contest. In the situation
with five or 6 callers on each frequency for 10 kc, there is really no
comparison between what a good hardware-based RTTY box with DSP built-in
can do compared to a sound-card based RTTY set up. I have used both, and
there are substantial gains, in my experience, with a good
self-contained RTTY unit like the DXP-38 and its predecessor, the P-38
slot board. 
Both units would routinely print solid and perfect RTTY signals on a
frequency that to the ear sounded like nothing but heterodyne sounding
continuous tones. The MMTTY interface sits there and printed nothing.
I’ve run them both simultaneously, and the hardware-based set up
performed much better overall. 
This was using both first class XCVRs (such as the FT-1000D) and small
radios like the FT-100. To each his own, but I put the sound card based
MMTTY away a long time ago and its going to take a lot to convince me
that it will do any better than I have found it to do in the past. 
               Gary     W5FI 

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