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Re: [CQ-Contest] Distanced-Based Contest Concept

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Subject: Re: [CQ-Contest] Distanced-Based Contest Concept
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Date: Mon, 23 Oct 2006 00:15:15 +0000 (GMT)
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Howdy dreamers!

It is nice to see some discussion going on how to improve our existing lopsided 
contest scoring systems. 

To perhaps answer some points from Jim's post, we been there, done it, with 
Tesla Cup, nothing happened.

CQ, ARRL and other contest sponsors refused to add "another" contest.
To replace existing one with another and different rules, there is that 
"records problem", established and tradition, "can't change that".

As far as scoring system, we have done quite a bit of thinking and polishing 
the scoring system with Tesla Cup and think it is the closest thing to fair, as 
is reasonable without decimal point scoring and complicated exchanges and 
calculations. Please read the rules and comments and lets see if it can be 

We have Ser. No and grid square in our exchange, so you got the variable and a 
location for multiplier purposes.
Big grids, I think are too big and to few to enhance multiplier system. We use 
"stripes" which is the first three letters from the grid square i.e. FN2, that 
give decent distribution and uniformity. This gives simple point system and 
balanced number of multipliers.

We also have a STRIPES Award for cumulative total of stripes worked during the 
runnings of Tesla Cup, no QSLs needed, just verified QSOs from the contest logs 
and all time honor roll will be done automatically. Something to build up and 
get gorgeous certificate.

As far as low bands advantage, if the multipliers are plentiful and count on 
all bands, then winner has to go on low bands without extra point. WPX has 
bonus because counts multiplier once, regardless of band.

I could not get major co-sponsors behind the Tesla Cup in the past, but this 
year I should have more time and devote all my efforts in making it reality. 
Most of the work is done, what we need is to setup log collection, checking and 
scoring robot system so we can have the results out, tabulated within few weeks 
and participate. No need for mercy from "business" oriented magazines and 
sclerotic organizations, we have resources now to do it the right way. 
Look at the beautiful certificates with Tesla giving you that dreaming look!
See www.TeslaRadio.org and click on Tesla Cup and rest underneath.

Just a note that anyone who helps in any way to participate in the Tesla RC 
projects will become member, through "sweat equity". We have great facility, 
home, QTH, and bunch of dedicated people around is growing, we can build 
something very unique and leave it behind for our radio kids. 
Anyone interested to be on the contest committee or help in any way, please 
contact me, you don't have to be local. It will be a great way to pay our 
tribute and thank the first ham - Dr. Nikola Tesla for giving us AC, radio and 
the rest of 700 inventions that made our lives easier.

Yuri, K3BU
president Tesla RC, N2EE

> Hi Jim et al --<BR>> 
> Zones (either CQ or IARU) are not particularly geographically 
> compact 
> nor equivalent in size. A UA3A experiences vastly different 
> propagation 
> than a UT5, for instance. I would suggest considering a 
> different basis 
> for a multiplier; e.g., the grid field indication. Grid fields 
> (the 
> "FN" part of "FN41") are pretty large.
> This would also be an opportunity to move to a more 
> meaningful 
> exchange; e.g., grid square + serial number.
> I wonder if there is really enough interest in this to do a 
> one-off 
> proof of concept contest to see if this would be fun for the 
> participants. That requires moving past the talk-talk stage to 
> having a 
> real set of people willing to commit to "instant adjudication", 
> etc. 
> But without some trials, we're just engaging in mental entertainment.
> If successful, maybe an existing contest like IARU could be 
> changed 
> to adopt the model.
> -- Eric K3NA
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