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Re: [CQ-Contest] Work Chart for CQ WW DX

To: "Tim Holmes" <w8tahradio@gmail.com>, CQ-Contest@contesting.com
Subject: Re: [CQ-Contest] Work Chart for CQ WW DX
From: Mark Perrin <mperrin@ordata.com>
Date: Mon, 23 Oct 2006 08:21:33 -0700
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Got to www.qsl.net/w6elprop   and download the free program from 
W6EL.  Then go to ARRL website and look for an article by Carl K9LA on how 
to use the W6EL program to roll your own planning.  That is at 
www.arrl.org/tis/info/propagation.html   and scroll toward the bottom for 
the .pdf file "An Introductory Tutorial to W6ELProp."  Carl also has some 
articles on propagation and band planning for DX travel and contesting that 
ran in NCJ.  I am not sure where to point you to find those articles; maybe 
a source on www.ncjweb.com   for starters.

73, Mark N7MQ

At 08:35 PM 10/22/2006 -0400, Tim Holmes wrote:
>Hi guys:
>Im getting ready to start prepping for the contest this weekend.
>ALthough i dont have a lot of specialized antennas, or a monster
>station  (706mkIIG and a rotatable dipole) i enjoy figuring out where
>the best times of propagation should be in preparation for a contest.
>I had a method worked out a few years ago, but after a 9 month layoff
>from radio  (long story) and a rotor failure, ive kinda lost how i was
>doing it.  I would be interested to hear how you guys prepare a work
>chart / any recomendations that you have for data / software etc.  I
>know i used to use the prop charts in CQ mag, but im not sure if i
>have / can find this months issue, so if there are other / better ways
>of getting the data, id be interested in that too.
>Thanks a bunch, i'll look forward to your responses.
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