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[CQ-Contest] Distanced-Based Contest Concept

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Subject: [CQ-Contest] Distanced-Based Contest Concept
From: Dennis OConnor <ad4hk2004@yahoo.com>
Date: Mon, 23 Oct 2006 10:13:45 -0700 (PDT)
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There is an existing contest using distance based scoring - Stu Perry 160 -  
that can be used as a model...  It is gaining in popularity among the top band 
 Here is a link:
 For a new contest perhaps a combination of Points-per-QSO determined by the 
distance between the two grid squares, then multiplied by the # of country or 
zone multipliers will be the sweet spot...  
 My personal thought is that: Points-Total X Countries-Total X 
Total-Time-Factor X Power-Factor...  
Stations worked may be scored once on each band they are worked...
 Score per band = PT x CT x  TTF x PF (per band)
May run different power on different bands...

Total Score = Sum of individual band scores...
 would give the best combination adrenalin buzz for a new multiplier, credit 
for distance difficulty of a Q, a factor for power, tempered by the calculation 
of which is better: more Q's/Multipliers or quitting now...
 I see the exchange as being:
   Call + Serial # + Grid Square (either 4 or 6 bits)...  
 I personally would drop the RST completely...If I can hear you it doesn't 
matter to me how loud you are - besides ALL contest rst are 599 (meaningless)...
Points per Q:
1 for short distance
2 for medium distance
3 for long distance

Three power catagories:
 Low = 100 w max
 Medium = 500 w max
 High = 1500 w max
QRP stations will sign /Q and the station working them will get 1 extra point...
 Three Power-Factor multipliers
 Low = 1
 Medium = 0.5
 High = 0
 Two station catagories:
 1. SE = Single element wire or tubing antenna to be used on all bands... Must 
be one piece of wire or tubing  and utilizing a single feed line (exception is 
the element may be split at the insertion point of the feed line)...  A single 
impedence matching unit (Transmatch in common parlance) may be used to match 
the antenna/feedline to the transmitter; no traps, no relays, or other means of 
splitting the wire into electrical pieces, etc...  Element may not be rotated 
or moved during the contest...
 2. EE = Every thing else...
 Two Operator catagories:
 1. Single-Op (unassisted - no help of any kind, period!)
 2. All-Others (assistance of ANY kind makes you AO)
    AO - Single Transmitter
    AO -Multi Transmitter
 Total Time Factor is determined thus (just an example for discussion):
 24 hour contest with 18 hours of operation allowed...  Time totalizer is from 
1st Q to last Q... You can operate as much or as little as you choose...  
 TTF 18 = 1.00
 TTF 15 = 1.05
 TTF 12 = 1.10
 TTF 09 = 1.15
TTF Less than 09 = 0
 Band Changes:
 1. Single Band 
 2. All Band = Unlimited band changes, I don't care...
 denny / k8do
 hooo wheee, I got carried away..  merely wanted to point out the Stu Perry.  
jeez, way too much coffee today... But, making up rules is funnnnn....  Gee, 
now all I need is to pick a date.
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