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Re: [CQ-Contest] HAL-DXP38 vs MMTTY

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Subject: Re: [CQ-Contest] HAL-DXP38 vs MMTTY
From: Bill Turner <dezrat@copper.net>
Date: Tue, 24 Oct 2006 10:04:51 -0700
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On Sun, 22 Oct 2006 11:35:53 -0500, "Gary Jones"
 <garyejones@cmaaccess.com> wrote:

>This was using both first class XCVRs (such as the FT-1000D) and small
>radios like the FT-100. To each his own, but I put the sound card based
>MMTTY away a long time ago and its going to take a lot to convince me
>that it will do any better than I have found it to do in the past. 

------------ REPLY FOLLOWS ------------

Try MMTTY with a radio designed for RTTY such as the ICOM IC-746PRO or
the IC-756PRO3 and you may have a different opinion. I have not used
an FT-1000D, but I have used an FT=100 (the "D" version) and that is
probably the last radio in the world I would use for RTTY. 

I have run MMTTY in parallel with a DXP-38 (two computers, same audio
feed) and MMTTY won hands down. MMTTY has many filter and demodulator
options for different band conditions and one of them is nearly always
best. Admittedly, this was not a DXpedition type operation, so I can't
comment on that except to say that receiver bandwidth is probably the
most important consideration in that specific case.

As best as I recall, the DXP-38 does not offer any options for
demodulation based on band conditions. My memory might be wrong on
this, so please correct me if that is not the case.

I sold my DXP-38 long ago and have never looked back. There is one HAL
product I have tested that will beat MMTTY and that is the very
expensive ST-8000. I still have that one.

Bill, W6WRT
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