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Re: [TowerTalk] SALE On Remote Site Point 2 Point Gear

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Subject: Re: [TowerTalk] SALE On Remote Site Point 2 Point Gear
From: "Marlon K. Schafer (509) 982-2181" <ooe@odessaoffice.com>
Date: Fri, 27 Oct 2006 08:39:39 -0700
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Thanks Rick!

As an ISP I've used Airaya for years.  I have 4 of their links running and a 
spare on the shelf.  Great gear, great people.  Mike is the genuine article.

For those that don't already know it, I do outside sales for 
www.ecommwireless.com in addition to my ISP duties.  We've sold the Airaya 
gear for a number of years now.  We should be able to get you better pricing 
then the factory direct prices.  (probably not on the sale items though)

One more note.  I like Airaya.  And I really like Mike.  However, he does 
tend to overestimate the real world range capabilities of his gear.  I 
usually knock off about 25% at any given speed.  Or knock off speed at any 
given distance.  Other than that, they are great folks and have always taken 
care of me well.

(509) 982-2181                                   Equipment sales
(408) 907-6910 (Vonage)                    Consulting services
42846865 (icq)                                    And I run my own wisp! (net meeting)

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Subject: [TowerTalk] SALE On Remote Site Point 2 Point Gear

> Santa Claus is alive and well in South Silly-CON Valley!
> For those with remote stations, or working toward such a venue like myself
> seeking low latency connectivity, I just ran across the deal of the 
> Century
> which I'd like to share so you can save $$$ as well.
> Last year my ISP referred me to a locally headquartered company called
> AIRAYA which makes first class point to point gear with extremely low
> latency (an absolute must for high-speed and SO2R contesting).
> I was on that end of town earlier today, and decided to drop by AIRAYA
> again to check on some new potential compatibility issues with a new
> whiz-bang interface remote box for the TS-480S.   These folks are very
> nice, and Mike Nydam (President & CEO) graciously spent some time with me
> as I explained how more Contesters are getting into remote station setups,
> and why the low latency is important.
> The AIRAYA package I had been looking at for eventual acquisition retails
> for $1,600+ so it's not cheap.  When Mike took me on a tour of the
> facilities, he causually mentioned that they had received a large shipment
> of the items from a sub-vendor that had a slightly different mounting
> arrangement on the antennas, and that they were going to have a "SALE" to
> zero out the inventory (everything else is the same...including the 2 
> rolls
> of LMR-400 coax which are included).
> When he said $799, I about fell over, and am pleased to report I left the
> building as a new owner of a complete system that was one of the needed
> items in my remote station plans...at a big savings!
> This same AIRAYA gear can be "multi-hopped" if you don't have direct line
> of site from your shack to a remote antenna site, and still realize low
> latency.  With one of the much larger antennas, the potential to go up to
> 30 miles per hop is not out of the question.  In my situation, I only need
> to go less than 4 miles, which my understanding is the gear will run at
> 20mbps/40Mhz and the latency should be well below 5ms...maybe 1 or
> 2ms.  This stuff blows away Internet or Satellite connectivity for 
> Contesting.
> Mike said the $799 price will be officially on their website tomorrow (
> http://www.airaya.com ), and the Item # of the package is:
> AI108-4958-Kit-PM
> But wait...there's more...
> I mentioned that I might possibly need to run the remote site portion of
> the gear directly off 12v vs. A/C if I decided to initially use only low
> power on some deep cycle batteries.  No problem...they make a small board
> which converts 12v to the requisite 5v @ 2A for the system and it's only
> $20.  Yes, I walked out of there with one of these too!
> If you have a need for multi-hops or an unusual situation, call Mike at
> (408)776-2846 x203 and either he or one of his tech folks can most
> assuredly help you out .
> NO, I don't have any commission deal involved here.  I just hope some of
> you remote station folks will benefit from the this info and the $$$ to be
> saved right now.
> Today was another day of "Destiny" (except for my neighbors who
> unfortunately had their garage burn down while I was at AIRAYA).
> FYI & 73...
> Rick, K6VVA
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