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Subject: Re: [CQ-Contest] SSB in CW band
Date: Mon, 30 Oct 2006 05:35:40 -0000
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Let me cleanup a few things here. For some unknown reason there seems to be 
a need to exaggerate a point without any facts other than a vivid 
imagination. I was very active contesting during the last 2 sunspot 
maximums. The activity nearly stopped at 28.6 and there was virtually none 
above 28.7. (I had mono-banders then and somewhere a certificate). You are 
right about CW being somewhat useable on the bottom end of 40 but at one 
point there were 7 SSB stations taking up 2.5 khz each. That really 
discourages any activity on CW regardless of how many filters you have in 
your radio.(I have a fully loaded MKV)
Contest rules need not and in many cases are not based on any legal 
precedent. Contest rules are whatever/however a contest organizer wants his 
contest to be. If the CQ contest committee wanted to make a rule no contest 
operation below 7030 and above 7250 then it is perfectly OK. It is their 
contest and if you want to enter their contest then you participate by their 
rules. Obviously the CQ Contest committee would rather give contesting a 
black-eye, which it has succeeded in doing,  than make a rule that might 
offend a big-gun contester.
Here is an example of a rule from the California QSO Party: ""Note that 
California stations working other California stations must log the complete 
exchange, including county even though they all count as the "CA" 
multiplier.  Entries with incomplete or improperly logged QSOs will be 
subject to penalties or disqualification."" Even though there is no point 
value or any meaningful reason for the rule it is a rule and if violated you 
will be DQ'ed.
For the guys who have said this comes up every, year after year, you are 
right it does. Because no action has ever been taken we have now reached the 
point where contesting has taken over the entire 40 meter band without 
regard to anyone or anything not participating in the contest. We have now 
become the giant elephant in the room and we, as contesters, stink as bad as 
the giant elephant.


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  HI all:A couple thoughts....1. As has already been stated (but worth 
repeating), "band plans," which are not formalized as law, have no bearing 
on DQ. "Law" may be either the law of a country or of a contest sponsor.2. 
If the extra "room" were not needed, it would not be used. A good example is 
10m during thesun spot maximum. Right now (the bottom), it would make Ø 
sense for someone in the CQWW DXcontest to call CQ during the contest on 
28.750. They would likely get no answers. But during thepeak, that spot 
would be jammed with stations (wall to wall on ten). So the analogous 
application to40 is that if EU were calling CQ on 7015 and it "wasn't 
working," then they would not continue to sitthere. As for some "big" USA 
types CQing and QSX on 7001, same thing. If nobody (DX) callsthem, they 
would not continue to listen there. It is a supply and demand type 
function.3. I really don't understand how SSB signals in the "cw" portion of 
the band prevents cwqso's. Since I am mostly just listening this contest (my 
antennas are still strewn all over on the ground,save one), I had an 
opportunity to not only view the LIVE scoreboards, but to read the 
contestreflector and be motivated to reply here. So...I see the annual 
comments about this and I wanted totest it for myself. I went to CW on 40 
and operated CW. No sweat. Why? Cuz (a) I used narrowfilters (the SSB 
essentially "goes away") and (b) I listen to cw on the opposite sideband 
(USB). Can Istill hear SSB guys? Yes, but I can still hear very weak cw guys 
also...with ease. Now I'll be the firstto admit that I am not in zone 14 
where the issue is likely "worse." Is it really "that bad" that cw 
qso'scannot take place at all in the bottom 25 khz?4. I also have to wonder 
about the time of day. I suspect (and others outside USA can fill me in), 
thatthe bottom of 40m is not covered with SSB for the entire contest. I 
suspect that occurs mostly during the times of day when DX propagation is 
best. That is usually when most casual guys are asleep.Now I know that there 
is lots to be had during the day on 40 in Europe, since everything is "so 
close,"so I would appreciate some comments from the active EU 
contesters....is the bottom filled with ssbthroughout all 48 hours? But 
unless the entrant is M/M or Multi 2, I gotta believe that daylight hours 
are, in the majority, best spent elsewhere for single ops (IE, not on 40).de 
Doug KR2QPS..usual disclaimer: These are my own comments and do not 
necessarily represent the opinion of anygroup with which I may be 
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