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[CQ-Contest] SSB in CW band

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Subject: [CQ-Contest] SSB in CW band
From: "LA5HE Ragnar Otterstad" <la5he@otterstad.dk>
Date: Mon, 30 Oct 2006 15:27:02 +0100
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> Yes, it's allowed in many administrations around the world.
> That doesn't make it right.  Just because you can do it doesn't
> mean that you should.

Excactly !

Most of us have never had any legal retrictions on where to operate.
However common sense dictates that we follow the gentleman's agreement
the various IARu bandplans are.

Self-enforcement has worked for decades in Region 1. Only in the past few
years have we seen the
selfish behaviour from contesters, showing no respect or concern for others.

This has to stop and the contest comitees need to adress the problem in it's
" age of puberty" !


" RAG "  Ragnar Otterstad   LA5HE JW5HE OZ8RO

Located in Telemark - Home of skiing.

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