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Re: [CQ-Contest] zero pointers

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Subject: Re: [CQ-Contest] zero pointers
From: Barry <w2up@mindspring.com>
Date: Mon, 30 Oct 2006 20:52:46 +0000
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Having to work one's own zone/country for mult credit, but zero point 
QSO value is silly.  Yes, I've lost an occasional mult because a 
stateside station didn't bother to log me.

The problem can easily be solved by giving each op mult credit for any 
zero point QSOs he must make to earn multipliers.  In the case of the 
US, it will be credit for W and zones 3,4 and 5.  For a DL, it's credit 
for DL and zone 14, etc.


Barry W2UP

John Laney wrote:
> Sorry to disagree with my M/M host, but I feel strongly that all the US 
> stations who work us deserve to be in the log.  We have no way of 
> knowing who needs us for zone credit.
> At least from the 15 meter perspective, I feel that very little time is 
> wasted by making US QSOs.  When I am on a DX run, it is rare for a US 
> station to call in.  During the slow times, US stations do call in and 
> working them takes no more time than just calling another unproductive CQ.
> I certainly don't want to discourage contest beginners by telling them 
> that I will not log their QSO.  Nor do I want to waste my time by asking 
> if they really need the multiplier or need a GA QSO/QSL for state or 
> county or grid square credit, etc.  It is very easy to say "Thanks and 
> 73" and those same casual operators will thereby be encouraged to call 
> us in CQ WPX, Sweepstakes, North American QSO Party, etc. where they do 
> count and are badly needed.  I have no problem with US stations who try 
> to stop these calls by calling "CQ DX."  That seems to be the most 
> efficient and unabrasive way to get the message across without wasting a 
> lot of time doing it. Otherwise,we would run a real danger of hurting 
> someone's feelings and turning them against all contesters and contesting.
> I think I heard one of the big M/M stations say on 3830 last night that 
> they did not log US QSOs on 160 meters "this year."  I hate to think how 
> many zone 3 stations may not get credit for their hard won zone 5 QSO on 
> 160 meters due to that decision.
> I think I heard that this is what they used to do at W7RM--work US zero 
> pointers and not log them--but they changed that practice toward the end 
> of the use of Rush's station for multi operations.
> I recall once either at N4RJ, N4PN, NQ4I or some other M/M station in 
> our area struggling all weekend on 10 meters at the bottom of a sunspot 
> cycle and finally getting ONE zone 3 QSO.  If that station didn't log 
> us, all that effort would have been wasted.
> With all due respect to Rick and others who may feel that way, just log 
> them and courteously move on.
> 73,
> John, K4BAI.
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Barry Kutner, W2UP             
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